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2018 marks 20 years since The Slicked Up 9's first swung at Lehigh University.  From the outset, it's a memorable year for the band, opening for one of their inspirations - The Cherry Poppin' Daddies - for the 2nd year in a row and booking 2 shows at the legendary Musikfest in Bethlehem PA - their 11th and 12th times at their home town festival!


The Slicked Up 9's unleash a high-energy tribute to the original R&B music - Jump Blues. Decades ago Jump Blues was belted out from blazing horns to steaming dance floors, forgotten soon after as it was simplified, watered-down, and repackaged as Rock 'n Roll for the mainstream. 

Now in the 21st Century, the 9's draw upon blues, jump, swing, jazz and rockabilly influences to remind the world that music can be rich with colorful soul, driving with heavy swing, and blaring with dynamic exuberance that either brings you to your feet... or knocks you back on your seat.​

The 9's history speaks for itself, but nothing can be as convincing as experiencing a live show in the flesh- hearing a wall of sound explode from the 5-piece horn section, feeling the pounce of the upright bass on your chest, seeing a collection of handsome fellas loving what they do and surrounded by audience members who can't hold back their clapping, their dancing or wherever the beat takes them.

The Slicked Up 9's play homage to the incredible music of the Jump Blues artists of the past, laying down the groove for dancers of every generation.  But they also can flex their notes and put on an incredible party for your wedding or private event... if you want some swingin' tunes interchanged with funk, the 80's or whatever else... or if you want Sinatra all night, these are the 9's for you!

So if you dare to take your experience to a new level, make the Slicked Up 9’s experience a part of yours!

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